My Goal for 2019 is to Write More

Writing content is something I do for a living. During my 9-5, the goal of writing content is for marketing purposes. You know, things such as generating website leads, educating customers, or to help strengthen the brand I’m working for.

Each January for the past who knows how many years, one of my goals was to have a website that has a blog and showcases my portfolio. The blog would be a way for me to thing more creatively and continue to grow my writing skills – which they’re not too bad to begin with. But, for one reason or another, it just didn’t happen. Call it laziness or lack of discipline – they’re both the same in my book.

So, this year will be different. With a dream board in hand and a fresh 2019 weekly calendar to keep me on track, I’m committed keeping my goal for 2019 to write more. What will I write? Who knows…

It could be about an article I saw online that influenced me to the point where I needed to write about it. Or, it could be what I’ve learned from previous experiences in my 10 years from living in Phoenix. The keyboard is the limit.